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(Different) Jamm Models Shows

Looking for models? You do not have to look any Further! Jamm Models has models in all kinds of sizes and variations. Whatever you need; we can help you with our large models file, for every kind of event; Fashion shows for Designers, Shop owners, Shop presentations, advertising campaigns, Ladies nights, Bridal events and more…

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Jamm Show

Would you like to present your product in a Surprising way? Book a Jamm Show. A Flashy show with many acts, Dance and Entertainment. Jamm Models is able to provide the music, catwalk, lights and sound, according to your wishes. The audience will be pleasantly surprised when watching this show. Are you a Designer and interested in a Clean Business show or a special event that visitors never forget? We can also make this happen!

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Flash-Walk in show (flits show)

A Flash-Walk in show has at least four to six models that show short impressions of the Collection. The Jamm Models do there show in 20 to 25 minutes and do this four or five times a day. Because the shows are short, and are given several times a day, visitors don’t need to book. Flash-Walk in shows are Hot, they promote Socialbility and Sales.

Flash Walk in Show

Contact with the public show (aanspreekshow)

Wanting extra attention for the customer? Our models are specialized to give your customers the attention they need. You can book two or more models, depending on the size of your company or event. Models give a brief explanation to the client about the Brands and details of Clothing. If you have any other ideas, Jamm Models would love to hear your needs.

Contact with the public show